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Now treating Binge Eating Disorder!

 Please go to and answer the questionnaire to see if you qualify.

Prescription Appetite Suppressants
​Test ​Every 3 years - $175
(Prescription not included))

Follow Up Appointments - $95-$185

The medications help you cut down on your portions and you are not starving all the time.

Eating fast food, on the run, late night snacks, too large a portions, and sodas all cause us to gain weight. Sometimes we need a little help so we are satisfied with smaller portions. On your first visit we perform blood testing, metabolic analysis, dietary nutional counseling, and EKG. These tests are done every three years.

Weight Patients without insurance may recieve benefits of minor medical treatment such as sinus infections, colds, UTI's, etc. as part of their office visit

All Natural Fat Injections
First Office Visit - $125
(Includes a Fatbuster or two Lipo-B injections)
Multiple Lipo-B Injections start at $140

The fat burning amino acid injections began in Paris in the 1950's and can be used in the office or at home to help you reduce those unwanted love handles, areas of body fat that you feel uncomfortable with.

The injections do not suppress appetite but help you lose inches and get faster weight loss. A price list for repeat visits will be given as well as dietary counseling and instructions if you would like to self-inject at home to save money.

The injections are manufactured by a certified pharmaceutical company and are sterile. They consist of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline---all fat burning amino acids.

Needle Free Transdermal Drug Delivery

No Needles

No Pain

No Swelling

No Downtime

         Helps remove cellulite, stretch marks, & shrink fat cells

All Hormonal Therapy Including Thyroid, Testosterone (Excluding female hormones), and HCG

First consultation:

Men's Hormones -$300 (Office visit for 12 months)

Thyroid - $250 (Office visit for 12 months

HCG - $165

Lab Testing is not Included which can run from $80-$120

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